Perioperative Referrals

We provide in-clinic consultation to patients having surgery or out-patient procedures at Vancouver General Hospital or UBC Hospital who need to interrupt their anticoagulant therapy. Peri-operative bridging is offered to patients who have a high risk of clotting and require low molecular weight heparin coverage while they are not taking their warfarin.

An OR date is required before a referral can be made. Please ensure that you contact the Thrombosis Clinic at least 10 working days prior to surgery.

To refer a surgical patient, complete the Perioperative Anticoagulation Form and fax to the Thrombosis Clinic at 604-875-5071. The following information is required:

  1. *Patient’s name, PHN, contact information
  2. *Name of referring surgeon
  3. *Type of surgical procedure
  4. *Scheduled surgery date and location (hospital)
  5. *Reason for anticoagulation  
  6. *Name and dose of anticoagulant that patient is taking
  7. Patient’s CBC and creatinine
  8. * Must be filled in on form

Once the referral form and all requested information are received, the booking clerk will contact the patient with the date and the time of the appointment.

The patient will receive a reminder call the day before the appointment.

Thank you for your referral.

Please note:
Thrombosis Clinic nurses are available from Monday to Friday, 9:30 – 5:00 pm only. If you experience an urgent matter in the evening or on the weekend, please call the VGH Hospital Switchboard at 604-875-5000 and ask for the hematologist on call.

For referrals for treatment of an acute VTE episode, see the Urgent Treatment Referral page.

For referrals for managing long-term anticoagulant therapy or assessment of thrombophilia, see the Thrombosis Assessment page.

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